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How to hookup computer to tv

how to hookup computer to tv

go to the proper input in your TV settings. ( I used a DVI to hdmi adapter here on my monitor as well ). There is a photo of an hdmi port to the right, it is thinner then a USB port. 6, go into windows Control Panel, and click on Display. There is a command on the TV remote. You should see Apple TV loading on your monitor when you power. To find out which is which, you can click on Identify, and the number will show on the identifying screen.

7, go to the paralyzed girl sex dating left side of the screen and click on Change Display Settings. Next click on the Resolution drop down menu, and choose the highest resolution for your television (you can find out you TV's resolution by searching it online). 4, hook the cables into your computer, and your television. At a guess, if you really wanted to hook it up, you could get an AV capture card, and the appropriate AV cable. Red Arrow: S Video port. Important: Your computer monitor must be hdcp compliant for Apple TV to work. Press F11 to make Internet Explorer full-screen and remove the title bar. Then choose the right cable to use according to the inputs on your TV ( RCA or hdmi Component). Choose Available Display Output on: intel(R) HD Graphics from the Display drop down menu. That is exactly what I did with my 24inch Samsung monitor. It really depends on the manufacture of you're. April 28, 2012, is it possible to hook up an Apple TV to a computer monitor?