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Business trip hotel bar hookup

business trip hotel bar hookup

only 10 years older than her, but still) that simply wants to warn her about the dangers of free local sex chat lines a young female traveling alone, inviting strange men to her hotel room. Its hard to say without knowing specifics about that one but do guard against the possibility of letting judgment about her personal life stray into how youre assessing her professionally. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Speaking of which For what its worth, Im not sure why youre assuming that was a stranger in her hotel room; she could have met up with someone she already knew.

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100, if you're a female it will be like any other bar scene where you can be a picky buyer. And to a lot of people a book in a bar is a clear signal that the person reading it wants to be asked about. If I'm in a medium town and completely lost as to where the go, I go to a non-club gay bar where I'll inevitably meet a lot of people not from the town I'm in or just interesting to talk. To be fair, I don't go out on business travel to hookup, I go out to meet people or else I'd spend most of my time alone in a hotel room, so take this advice as you will. Wherever you go, definitely sit at the bar, not at a table. Bartenders are great at being your friend. If all else fails, scrolling through the profiles of fellow travellers you may want to meet could be a fun distraction to while away those hours wasted in airport departure lounges. Low-alcohol would be vermouth on the rocks or Campari and soda, for instance; no-alcohol orders like club soda or ginger ale with bitters* are often seen as "industry insider" drinks and may earn a little respect from the bartender. I travel a fair amount and really like bars to while away the evening. Everyone loves to recommend.

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