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denver sex ads

latest round of construction advertisements, the airport fully played into the long list of far-from-comforting rumors and created signs to specifically addressed them. The vertical axis is posts-per-day, and the horizontal axis represents every day of August to date. And yes, we'll be paying attention to what happens during the Republican convention as well. This is where we insert the disclaimers.

denver sex ads

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Perhaps the thousands of journalists in town are seeking extracurricular activities. Perhaps loyalists of another political party are intentionally posting fake advertisements in hopes that the Democrats will be blamed. Click here to see all of CBS4 Political Specialist. Make up your own mind. Mere correlation does not imply causation: other factors could explain this rise in advertisements. People say our underground tunnels lead to secret meeting facilities for the worlds elite. Some believe we are connected to the new world order, the Freemasons, and are home to the lizard people.". But this Sunday, when tens of thousands of people had arrived for the convention, 763 posts appeared-an 80 percent increase. In case the giant blue mustang statue with devilishly red eyes that glow wasn't enough to send chills down your spine, over the years a whole slew of terrifying and outlandish conspiracy theories surrounding the Colorado airport have popped. Other days showed the same week-over-week jump. Sex-wanted ads spiked this week, which happens to coincide with the Democratic National Convention.