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Direct tv hookup to surround sound

direct tv hookup to surround sound

it is more fragile than other cables). You can use a flat screen. The digital optical toslink can not transmit a video signal, only the audio signal. So lets get started by listing things you need (some things will be obvious, such as the TV, but will be listed here anyway). How to Hook up TV, related.

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If you are spending a few hundred dollars then probably any inexpensive speaker wire will. From an hdmi perspective, it looks like you can attach one hdmi from your DTV box and then use the indian anty local sex "hdmi output" to connect another hdmi cable to your. This does not actually use wires to transfer audio information, but rather a fiberoptic cable and light to transfer digital (5.1 and higher) sound. RCA is an analog audio cable and the sound quality to lower quality when compared to Toslink (noted above). Or is it not possible with this smaller cable box? If you buy a Home Theater in a box or Sound Bar usually you wont need speaker wires, they are typically included when you purchase the product. The connector on the left side of the following image is an optical connector. But just to be safe double check the packaging before you leave the store or place your order online. At the very least you will need one of those cables (hdmi, Toslink, RCA) to make that audio connection between the source and the amplifier and we will describe each of them below.

Its used to transmit a digital (more clear sounding to the human ear) signal. I also have an x box that I hook up seperatley to my home theater. Many times you can use this or a similar cable called the Digital Coaxial audio cable which also performs the same function.